This is what’s cooking in Sweden 2012

This is what’s cooking in Sweden 2012

17 aug 2012

An English edition of White Magazine, produced by White Guide – has just been launched. If you want to know what makes the Swedish gastronomy scene thrive – the answers are here.

White Magazine aims to guide readers to the best of the Swedish gastronomy scene today: the very best restaurants and the many “fun” establishments, which usually offer truly interesting eating experiences as well. Altogether it features 100+ restaurants and bars out of the 509 that are listed in this year’s White Guide.

In addition, the magazine offers an introduction to a much broader spectrum of Swedish gastronomy: the current trends, including old traditions and techniques that are successfully being reclaimed by leading chefs, the vast panorama of unique produce and creatures of the land, air and water, as well as some of the many passionate people that make the Swedish gastronomy scene thrive. And thriving it is. In fact, we’ve only seen the first phases of what promises to evolve into one the world’s richest and most exciting contemporary culinary cultures.

It’s our ambition to publish the magazine in English once yearly, offering a continuous update on these dynamic developments.

White Magazine in english is published with enthusiastic support from Visit Sweden.

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