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Mailing list for White Magazine

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White Magazine, What’s Cooking in Sweden

“Accessible dining; fun and fine combined – that is what Swedish gastronomy is all about today.”
Sweden has become one of the most dynamic gastro scenes in the world, attracting gastro tourists not only to its delectable big cities, but deep into its forests, high up its mountains and far out in its archipelagos: all abounding with exotic delicacies.

White Guide is an integral part of the thriving Swedish gastronomy phenomenon. For eight consecutive, tireless years it has scanned, tested, evaluated and criticized the Swedish restaurant scene, to include and promote the currently 450 best in each year’s guide, giving Swedish food-lovers an efficient navigation tool to interesting food and beverage experiences all over the country.

White Magazine is a yearly follow-up on this massive research, showcasing in-depth “the best of the best”: this year 35 master class establishments cross-country – and in addition some 80 fun dining bars and restaurants, that combine great eating and drinking with having a really good time. Accessible dining: fun and fine combined – that is what today’s Swedish gastronomy is all about.

Furthermore, White Magazine dives deep into the current trends in Scandinavian cooking, which keep the new Nordic gastro wave gaining momentum.

White Magazine is not only for those who want to pay a visit to one of the world’s most exciting gastro destinations right now, but also for those who want to understand what’s happening – and why – in gastronomy today.

Some basic facts
• The 108 page magazine has an edition of 8,000 copies.
• It is sold commercially in the UK and other major markets, as from early August. In addition it is distributed through the network of Visit Sweden.


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